SK magic Enters the Global Appliances Market With the Launch of Its Products Including Bidet on Amazon
SK magic Enters the Global Appliances Market With the Launch of Its Products Including Bidet on Amazon
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SK magic’s antibacterial waterproof bidet
SK magic’s antibacterial waterproof bidet

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) November 10, 2021 -- SK magic, a leading home appliances company in South Korea, announced its entry to the global market starting with the launching of products on Amazon on October 28.

SK magic is a leading electronic appliances maker that produces, sells, and provides rental service for home appliances and kitchen appliances based on its differentiated technological power and service capacity. The company is leading Korea’s home appliances market with products including water purifiers, air purifiers, and bidets. SK magic is also selling and providing rental services for home appliances in the Asian market, such as Malaysia.

SK magic recently launched products on Amazon in order to expand its global market. The first product the company launched in the mall is two types of electronic bidets. SK magic plans to gradually increase items on sale to include air purifiers, water purifiers, and induction cooktops.

The electric bidet toilet seats (Model Name: BID-018D/S24D) on Amazon are equipped with a 900W high-performance heater to provide users with continuous access to hot water even in cold regions. In addition, these products offering high user convenience provide a variety of differentiated functions including drying and other functions customized to women and children. The higher-level model (BID-S24D) comes with a further strengthened hygiene function. It provides not only automated electrolytic sterilization but also UV nozzle sterilization functions.

Having an IPX6, the highest waterproof rating, the products can be cleaned conveniently and safely using a wet cloth. Designed in a structure for convenient button-controlled assembly, this product can be disassembled easily and cleaned even in hard-to-reach areas.

“Based on the innovative technological power, SK magic has been winning recognition of its product competitiveness on the global stage, such as through CES, the world’s largest home appliances show,” said an SK magic official. “We are preparing for the yearend discount event starting with Black Friday 2021 on Amazon. We will provide our customers with a wide range of SK magic products.”



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